• Victor Oribamise (CEO)

    Victor Oribamise (CEO)

    Weill Cornell Medical College graduate student and graduate of Genetics, NDSU. Victor is bringing his years of experience in revolutionizing the aerospace/aviation industry.

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  • Ayomide (COO)

    Ayomide (COO)

    Robotics Engineer from Standard Motors and Mechanical Engineer graduate from Kansas State University.

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  • Selah (VP. Operations)

    Selah (VP. Operations)

    Princeton graduate of chemistry, co-founder,, BLVK ventures fellow, and former growth manager at US mobile.

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  • Umer R. (ML Engineer)

    Umer R. (ML Engineer)

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Shubham B. (ML Engineer)

    Shubham B. (ML Engineer)

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Anuar Shaidenov (Sofware Engineer)

    Anuar Shaidenov (Sofware Engineer)

    Front-End Developer, UI/UX Designer, Computer Engineering Graduate.

  • Oladiipo Ernest (Sofware Engineer)

    Oladiipo Ernest (Sofware Engineer)

    Fullstack Developer, Computer Science Graduate.

  • Richard Holmberg (Advisor)

    Richard Holmberg (Advisor)

    Ex-Vice President, Lockheed Martin, co-founder, Lincoln Private Jets in Florida.

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  • Tewolde Gebremariam (Advisor)

    Tewolde Gebremariam (Advisor)

    Ex-CEO of Ethiopian Airlines and currently serves as a Senior Delta Airlines Executive.

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