On the news, we frequently hear about flight delays: planes are diverted, planes are canceled. These delays can throw your plans off track and cause major frustration for you and your fellow passengers.

Previously, you could only check airline websites or call the airlines to find out what was causing your delay. But there is now an easier way! At Kquika, we discovered a way to assist airline enterprises in resolving flight delay issues and ultimately becoming customer-centric through predictive maintenance software. We developed products that assist them in saving money by predicting maintenance before it becomes costly, as well as assisting their customers by alerting them in advance of any delays that may affect their travel plans.


Kquika's mission is to propel and shape the aviation industry to a higher level. We will assist airlines in three ways:

  • 1. Lower maintenance costs by monitoring aircraft in real-time and predicting maintenance requirements so that they can be addressed before they become costly.
  • 2. Increase revenue by ensuring that their passengers have the best possible travel experience with the products and services we provide.
  • 3. Be more customer-centric


Some of our use-cases that stands to benefit both the airlines, their passengers and other related institutions include:

  • 1. Flight travelers, aviation companies, and ticket booking companies

    Aviation companies can use our API as an added feature on their booking system to let travelers know what is going to happen to their trips in terms of delays months and years in advance. This will help aviation companies plan ahead, save money, and help flight travelers plan ahead for their trips.

  • 2. ATC

    ATCs in airports can use our technology to determine the arrival status of flight X arriving at JFK on 10/24/2026 in order to assign an airstrip for landing. This will help them understand if flights will be delayed in advance, allowing airports to plan ahead of time using our technology.

  • 3. Researchers

    We can charge aviation institutions for access to our technology so that their students can access our data, conduct research on our platform, and so on.

  • These are just a few of the things we can do at Kquika and why our technology is so important right now.


We develop products that assist airlines in resolving flight delay issues. Through our predictive maintenance platform, we assist them in lowering maintenance costs and ultimately becoming more customer-centric.


Kquika assists airlines in reducing maintenance costs and informing passengers of any delays or cancellations ahead of time. Customers will benefit from knowing ahead of time so that they can reschedule their travel plans accordingly. Furthermore, with our products, airlines can improve their public image by providing customers with more information than they could previously obtain through travel websites or phone calls to airline customer service representatives.


Our team is made up of an ever-expanding brilliant team with extensive airline industry experience and a deep understanding of what airlines require to succeed. We are also obsessed with aviation, which is why we founded Kquika in the first place – after years of being frustrated by flight delays and cancellations, we began researching what causes these issues and are here with solutions to fixing those issues.

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